Girls! you all can agree on one thing that no matter what, at every occasion we all want to look different and stylish. Each one of us have our own different perspective of being Fashionable. Following some great fashion bloggers gives us a great idea to dress and impress. Similarly, when it comes to our Wardrobe we never get tired of adding some new clothes and accessories and the list goes on.

There are some clothing and accessories must haves which you can add and completely change your look. I being a Gemini, I m a different personality every day and hence i love to experiment with my own style, I don’t own a single faced style.

I have compiled some things for you all which a girl must have in their wardrobe and yeah you can totally trust on them. So let’s get started –

1. Basic White Tshirt


Source: cottonable.com

I love White T shirts, you can pair it with almost everything and you are good to go. Pair it with a blue denim jeans or a ripped shorts or an overall or yeah for a classy look add a pastel colour blazer with it and you can look ravishing. You can also pair them with Long skirts and you have your Indo-Western look.

2. White Shirt


Source: womenofmalaysia.com

You can ever go wrong with White Shirt. Feeling lazy? Yet want to look amazing today at your work?

Pair white shirt tucked in with a denim jeans or with you comfy pants and add some statement accessories and a cute pair of shoes and you are good to go.

3. Denim Jeans

Who doesn’t have their favorite denim in their closet? And a Denim Jeans is an essential part of our closet just like heart in our body! The Universal cloth according to me and through which you can change your look completely. Whether it is a crop top or a simple tee or Shirt,a cute sweater etc. It fits with all and it can make you look drop dead gorgeous.


Source: nextnewfashion.net

4. Boyfriend Jeans


Source: pinterest.com

Miley Cyrus looking so sexy and stylish in this pair of her Boyfriend jeans. Firstly, they are super comfy and they gives you a edgy look as well. Little ripped makes it looks more stylish. You must own a Boyfriend jeans so that you can totally go different and experiment your look. Plus you can pair it with anything you want, a white t shirt or a white shirt half tucked in or anything you feel good in.

5. Black Dress


Source: pinterest.com

Ahh! a Black dress is a Must have for you all. Whether a Party or a Dinner date with your spouse. it can totally save you when you are confused about what to wear. Pair it with right accessories and you can make your Best friend Jealous.

6. Basic Blazer


Source: bourbonandgloss.com

Adding a blazer to your outfit can make you look classy, sexy, elegant in many ways. It helps you in making a Semi formal outfit if you want to go hangout with your buddies and want to attend a meeting at the same day.

7. Statement Watch

I love Watches. It is a compulsory add on to complete your look.


Source: aliexpress.com

8. Statement Jewellery


Source: pinterest.com

A Neck-piece , Ring , Bracelets or Earrings, styled in a proper way can add gems to your look. So next time, you thinking to totally glam your look, consider it and see the results.

9. Good pair of Heels


Source: rockmyheels.com

Having a good pair of heels is a must. Not only it adds lil height but it also makes you look independent and sexy.

So people, here are my views on Wardrobe Must haves. Do share your views on it and thumps up if you like it!

– Vaishnavi Tyagi


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