How to be Confident, Trust yourself!

Hello Beautiful people !

This world is full of competition. Each one of us wants to win the race and prove our self the best. Actually, according to me the peer pressure and the constant pressure from family to be the best in your surroundings has somewhere killed the true self personality of every individual. Pressure of getting into your favourite college into your favourite course or being the most beautiful and pretty girl of your group, it has destroyed the innocence of a person. Eventually, due to this, the people who are average in any field goes into depression several times for not able to fulfilling the expectations and moreover, there expectation to be better than others. But for whom you are doing this?

Every person is different. Everyone is gifted with a unique talent. For that, it is important to find and recognise that talent within you and nourish it. That girl in your class with the most gorgeous face and that girl who is the most popular girl in school due to her magnetic personality often gives you inferiority complex about yourself. Forcing you to become the best and you carving for more attention. Jealousy then becoming a common phenomenon to satisfy yourself. And then comes the phase when you do everything to offend them directly or indirectly. Maybe that famous girl knows her positive traits and has made them her powerful aspects.

These are some common problems among girls, if your hairs are not so good and your best friend has the most gorgeous hairs you have dreamt about, it will thrash you from inside every time you’ll see her. That friend of yours who has the most handsome boyfriend just because she’s very pretty, made you disbelieve in the world. But stop! Despite of all these inferiority complexes you are thinking about right now, have you thought about your positive powerful traits? Being comfortable in your own skin, in your own environment is most important thing to be on the step of success. You may not be one of the prettiest girls of your class but you may be one of the best speaker or writer and you can beat anyone on that. My point is, find your talent. Work on it, and be the best.

Love yourself for the way you are. And the world will love you back. Accept your mistakes and make sure you never repeat them twice. Start forgiving everyone and believe that everything will be alright one day. If you are fat and don’t have that zero size figure, don’t bother because you can make your body shape beautiful with your confidence. You don’t need to follow every fashion trend but make sure what you wear and what you follow becomes your own unique personality.

Trust yourself and start believing yourself. Everyone make mistakes and its ok for some time. You are the best and when you really start believing it, you can conquer the world!

Believe in YOU!

Enjoying the sun

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– Vaishnavi Tyagi


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