College is a whole new journey with new experiences, new phase of life and new friends. Every student who has just cleared their board exams is always excited to start their new journey. Free from school uniforms, no boundations and new freedoms, freedom to wear what-ever they wish to or hanging out with new gang. Girls and boys shop for their whole new wardrobe to rock the first day and preparation to impress their seniors. But apart from all this, there are some things which they all must keep in mind before going to college.


  • Despite from only concentrating on your wardrobe and looks, concentrate on Being Yourself.
  • In school, we are bounded to be simple with no makeup. But college is something different so a little makeover won’t be bad for you. A haircut, new clothes, lots of confidence and always remember to keep calm.
  • Always remember that most of other new fresher around you are just like you. So feel comfortable and try to talk to people and be nice.
  • Make new friends and greet your new teachers. You will be with them for next 3 years.
  • Try to be nice to your seniors in college, they will be your help in any problem and they will be your utmost guide.
  • Be updated with fashion trends and wear what makes you comfortable. Following trend is good but make sure that it suits you. You don’t want to look odd, right!


  • Never try to show arrogance to your fellow classmates and other college mates.
  • If you will be nice to everyone, everyone will respect you like that. No one likes people with bad attitude.
  • A little attitude is ok but having it too much is out of question.
  • Don’t come under peer pressures. You may find so many people who will force you to smoke or try any other activity which you haven’t done before, remember you don’t need to opt these activities just to be COOL!
  • Hanging out is a part of college life but you should maintain a balance between studies and fun.
  • Don’t miss studies as it will reflect your performance in class and test.
  • Don’t take things too seriously, keep calm and handle every situation wisely.
Live stress free college life
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Remember, it’s a new part of life. Take it easy and enjoy. And yeah! Good luck.


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