Ugly body, Beautiful soul

Have you always dreamt of a perfect hourglass figure? That perfect smile, that beautiful hair and that perfect style.
The actress you see in movies and on camera are not perfect. They have flaws. Makeup hides everything. A girl with makeup and without make up are two different personalities.
You start your day by hoping to be someone you cannot become. A fat girl of your class maybe called fatso oftenly or make fun of her body. Maybe she is fat but she have a beautiful heart. Maybe be she eats her heart out when she’s sad. You know she only needs a friend who will not judge her by her appearance.
A story below of a girl and her struggle of becoming from fatso to the most hot chick.
She was again crying today. Because the cutest guy called her whore cuz she was wearing her shortest skirt hoping she may also look as good as her classmates. She took 2 hrs to do her hair and makeup today morning. She chose her outfit very carefully. Hoping that tomorrow will change everything. She didnt had any friends. When she saw her hotty pretty classmates hanging out with boys. She scold her self every day and complain to god. She had once tried to attempt suicide.
One day, a friend of her called her to canteen and told her there’s a surprise for her. When she went there. She was devastated. She saw her posters everywhere Photoshoped by someone in which she has a perfect body with her face and a message written ” You can only dream of it FATSO!.”
She was shattered now. Everyone was laughing on her. She ran from school and went back to her home. She didn’t went to school for 2 months. Her parents were worried now. They knew she was depressed. She was gaining weight now. Her parents decided to sent her to another city for a new start.
She decided to go now leaving every scars behind.
No one from her school knew where she was and what she was upto now. When she came back after 4 months. She was changed. Her fat was gone. She was pretty now with perfect figure. Her smile resembling her confidence. She decided to go back to her school. No body recognised her. Every boy wanted to talk to this new girl. Every girl was jealous of her. But she was on the top of her world. She gave up her sorrow and decided to fight from her fear and problems.
Now, she was what she wanted to be. Better than that. Still she have that pure innocent heart inside. She knew she is not the same person. But still she miss that girl what she is not now. Her journey was tough but she made it.