What it’s like being a Delhi based girl!

Okay… So you have to admit. Being a girl from our very own dilli (Delhi) is a whole new experience every day. Looking at metros or big high end malls or at local markets. You ll find many types of girls here. I m not being distinctive here but sharing my views. Being a girl myself, it’s really not easy to survive here. You need to be bold, pretty and of course smart! When you step out of your home, looking ravishing and then you got million eyes looking at you. Some staring at you. Some doesn’t giving a shit.
So if i talk about metro. There are many women going somewhere, and heading to the women coach. What i notice everyday! Mostly every girl or woman checking out any other girl, visualing her thoughts about her. Sometimes judging too. And when you get an eye on a beautiful girl then bam! You ll be somewhere jealous and thinking why god has not given you that type of perfect hair or perfect skin,etc. ! Moving on to normal coach. How so many men look at you and make you feel uncomfortable always. It’s so damn irritating. That staring eyes feels like arrgghh!
Anyways! That is everyday business.
Once i saw a girl in metro, she was perfect. Perfect hair, skin and her features. Maybe she was from North East India but she was really pretty. Watching her i started counting my flaws. Silly me, but i guess this happens to every girl.
South delhi girls are different from other parts of Delhi. They are more fashionable, smart and trendy (according to me). But i have felt south Delhi is much more safer then any other part. That confidence is built when u feel you are safe.
But at last, i feel one thing, you compare yourself to so many girls daily but you should know that you are unique in your own way. Maybe some other girl feels like she want to be like you(wink) , cheers to your uniqueness.


2 thoughts on “What it’s like being a Delhi based girl!

  1. prakriti1229 June 4, 2016 / 11:54 pm

    Quite nicely put… Yeah it’s a new experience everyday in Delhi. Though I was not born and brought up in the capital city but have been living and working here for a decades now! And now that iam married and settled here I can completely understand your feeling 🙂

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