10 Beauty Hacks Every Girl Should Know!




No ones perfect. And when it comes to makeup and beauty, we must admit we often fail at some places. Whenever we look at those instagram pictures of that perfect flawless girl, we wonder how is she so damn perfect!

So you might find your answers here. You should keep reading on if you wanna know about those so simple and easy hacks that you can start applying in your life right away.

source: buzzfeed.com

Concealer is our life savor. From hiding those puffy eyes or dark circles you had cuz you partied whole night or those pesky pimple marks. It hides it all.

Source: gurl.com

Winged liner is like part of our soul. It can glam up your eye within minutes. I m sure you don’t wanna miss this one.

source: gurl.com

I can relate to the sadness of girls with wavy frizzy hair. The fight to get those (dream come true) straight hair. But i guess this dream can come true now.

source: iamcpmoon.blogspot.com

Apple Cider Vinegar can be your best friend!

source: imgfave.com

Eyebrow is an essential part of our face. It can either glam up your look or can completely destroy it.

source: ohmygodfacts.com


source: pinterest.com

You can try this awesome DIY and can make your lips more vibrant.

source: trusper.com


source: tumblr.com

You know what, I guess every other girl is tired of having those bad bad split ends . In spite of taking care of hair so freaking much. They still come to haunt us in every possible way. And this hack is so damn easy to try.

source: pinterest.com

Well well! I didn’t knew that ice can do such good things to me.

Keep trying and be Beautiful.



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