Beauty Diaries # Why I learnt to accept myself the way I am

Girl world is not an easy world to live in. You will find critics everywhere. Judging you at every second of life is what you face daily. And i am quite done with all this. The never ending competition to look great and better than your friends is not an easy task. ahh! sitting in front of your closet for hours deciding what to wear is what every girl does every night. And mind you it’s very difficult.

Coming back to myself, I’m a PCOD patient and some of you dont know what it is. Poly cystic Ovarian Syndrome is what it is called. I despite of health issues, face lot of beauty problems which is a common symptom of PCOD. Frequent weight loss or weight gain, Never ending fight of pimples , etc etc. The evil hormones are getting on my nerves. But as the years passed, I started to fight all this. Knowing that i have to face all this for another years. I have accepted myself the way I AM. And you know what, I am more happier now. I have stopped complaining about all the things. I know I am unique and I have my own excellent qualities. I am beautiful the way i am. I am exploring myself in each way. This world, they will never stop judging you. They will judge you on your hair, makeup, your clothes, your way to standing, way of speaking and the list goes on….

Remember! Do what makes you happy, wear what makes you feel confident. Live for yourself.



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