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Holi is right around the corner. We all are geared up with lots of color, water balloons and of course water. But taking care for our body is also utmost important.

Holi is the festival of color, bringing togetherness. But this one day fun can lead to color stains and sometimes hangover too.

What to do then? Well, I have got a solution for you. Now play holi without any tension.

Pre Holi care tips:

  • Hair – Use lukewarm coconut oil on your scalp and all over the hair. This will create a barrier between color and your scalp. It will also give your hair a moisturized feel.
  • Skin: Cover up your skin with a good amount of sunscreen lotion and coconut oil. This will again act as a barrier and will stop color to penetrate into the skin.
  • Eyes: Protect your eyes from the colors, keep bottle water with you so that you can wash it as soon as you come in contact with any harmful color.
  • Nails: Apply your favorite nail paint on your nails to keep them protected from the colors.
  • Lips: Glide some lip balm on your lips before starting your holi celebration. This will keep your lips moisturized and will protect them from being chapped.

Post Holi care tips:

  • Hair: Avoid shampooing hair just after playing holi. Apply a mild hair pack of curd and fenugreek seeds or egg yolk. This will moisturize your hair and will make them healthy. Then wash your hair with mild shampoo and use a good conditioner.
  • Skin: Rinse your face and body with cold water for 10 minutes. Use a mild scrub to remove any kind of dirt. You can also use a mild besan pack to remove all the hard color. After final rinse, apply a good moisturizer to hydrate your skin. You can also use lemon to remove the stains from the skin.

Well, you are now armed up with all the safety measures. What are you waiting for? Go and enjoy. HAPPY HOLI 2016 EVERYONE! STAY SAFE.


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