Summers have finally approached and we all are worried of those sweaty hot days we are going to suffer. In INDIA, summers are a pain and definitely, we need a full proof plan to fight with it.

Whether it is our skin, hair or health; Everything becomes an issue. But wait! there’s nothing to worry about it.

I have got some easy and awesome tips for you all which you can follow and say goodbye to the problems.


  • Sun Protection: Dont forget to apply a sunscreen lotion with good amount of SPF in it. It will protect your skin with harmful UV rays and will help to reduce pigmentation. Recommended: apply sunscreen of at least SPF 30.
  • Stay Hydrated: Drink plenty of water. Keep yourself hydrated with at least 9 glasses of water per day. It will help you to be energized and will keep yourself protected from heat stroke.
  • Keep your skin clean : Dont forget to cleanse your face 2 times a day. follow this- Cleanse, tone and moisturize.
  • Exfoliate: Exfoliate your skin with a good mild scrub two times a week. It will remove the dead skin and will open clogged pores.
  • Hug those cool Home made packs: Make a cool pack of yogurt, multani mitti(fuller earth), besan(gram flour) and apply to your face. apply an ice cube daily after cleansing your face each night.


  • Cover up your hair- Try to keep your head cover with a hat or scarf whenever you stepping outside. This will not only protect your scalp and hair from UV rays but also will protect your hair from harsh winds that can tangle up your hairs.
  • Dont wash hair too often: Try avoiding washing your hair too often. it will strip away natural oils and will produce more oil. As a result, you will need to wash your hair more often. At second or third day, make cute hairstyles like bun or braid and protect your healthy hair.
  • Avoid using heat- Avoid using heat on your hair. dont use flat iron, straightener, curler, blow dryer,etc. Try to air dry your hair every time you wash it..
  • Invest in some good hair serum- Use a good serum on your hair with some SPF in it so that it will create a protection from those harmful sunrays.
  • Regularly oil your hair- Regularly oil your hair with oils like coconut, olive or castor. It will keep your scalp healthy and hydrated.
  • Regular trim your hair- Trim your hair regularly and say bye to those split ends.


  • Heat stroke- Heat stroke is a common problem in summer, to avoid this, keep your body hydrated by drinking water or juices. Wear loose cotton clothes and keep yourself cover whenever stepping out in sun.
  • Avoid aerated drinks- Aerated drinks like soft drinks, hard drinks are never good for your health. Whenever you feel thirsty, drink juices or water.
  • Coconut water- Coconut water is very healthy for your body. If possible, drink one glass of coconut water daily.
  • Heat Exhaustion- If you feel exhausted by heat, take a rest, have a cool non alcoholic drink and take a cool shower. It will lower the problem and you will feel good.
  • Avoid sun burn- Ultra Violet rays burns your skin and harms your skin in the deep. It is recommended to stay indoors during 10 am to 4 pm as sun rays are at its peak. Try using Aloe Vera on the skin and keep it some time and then wash it with cool water.
  • Avoid spicy food- Eat light food with little spice. It will help you to keep your stomach cool and hence will keep your digestion normal.

Dont let the pesky summers reduce your fun at any cost. Stay cool, stay healthy and stay stylish.



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