Tips and Tricks using kajal – Lakme Eyeconic Kajal

Kajal is one of the most important part of eye makeup. it enhances the beauty of eyes. Kajal/Kohl is considered good for eyes even if you have eye infection  (though i m not sure about it).



Kajal is one thing which you can use for several thing.

  1.  Use it as a Eyeliner– Kohl can be easily  used as a eyeliner with any hazel. Just one stroke and you are done.
  2. Use it as a eyeshadow– Firstly, apply Eyeconic kajal as thick eyeliner, then smudge it with eyeshadow brush and here you have smokey eye look.
  3. Water line– Apply Eyeconic kajal on water line and enhance your eyes.
  4. Eyebrows– You can also use Eyeconic kohl to fill your eyebrows.
  5. Bald patches– Hide your bald patches on the forehead or eyebrow with Eyeconic kajal.



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