I have always been Durjoy Datta’s fan. Of course because of his cute looks but also because of his novels. I have read almost every novel of Durjoy. So i was excited about this one too. As soon as i got it, I started reading it.

source: amazon.in

As long as i was flipping pages, I was more into the story.

The story is about Aisha Paul, seventeen year old teenage who is struggling with her feelings of upcoming adulterant. A scholar, fighting with her body issues and struggling to get herself a boyfriend. She is surrounded with so many drama and issues. She met her school counselor Danish Roy, who doesn’t know where his life is taking him. Failing miserably in his graduation and competing with his younger successful brother Ankit, who is an entrepreneur and is famous and rich too. He is into the world of inferiority.

The story revolves around how they tackle their problems, helping out and how they fall in love when they were least expecting it.

My experience:

I long as i started reading it, I was into the book like always. The story focused on  both of their lives, their feelings and how they are struggling with it. The story is full of drama. You will be mixed with emotions, anger and happiness everywhere where you could connect yourself.

Though  i felt the story became little too dramatic in between and i was tired of reading too much drama. The drama thing in life of Aisha could have been less. This is what i feel.

I didn’t find it Durjoy’s best one. But still you must read it, If you want to relate to your life problems and our a die-heart fan of Datta.




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