source: looksgud.in

You are known for your height. People probably dont remember your name but hey they will always know you as ‘LAMBU’.

*Pat on the back* I can feel your pain.

Things you will get if you are the tallest one in your girl gang!

  1. They will always tell you that you should try modelling- Hey, just because I am tall, doesnt mean I have only one career to pursue-Modelling!
  2. You are the source to click groupfie- Because you have the longest hands! *sigh*
  3. Sometimes you dont get the desired length jean for you- I totally get that, Being almost 5 ft. 8 in. I struggle to get the perfect fit for my jeans.
  4. You are the LADDER of your house- Want something out of the upper cupboard, no issue! What are we here for!
  5. Flats are our best friend- I love flats, most comfy and yes of course stylish. I cannot think of my day without them
  6. No to HEELS- Heels can be your enemy, No! not because it will make you more tall, because your friends and family will remind you how tall you are and you are giving them a complex.
  7. View- Certainly I have advantage too. I can easily stand any where and have the view I want to see in the crowd. *high-five*



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