Monsoon has finally arrived in India and I m so excited about the rain showers and chilly winds. Surely, no one can deny loving hot and steamy pakoras.  But girls, college are so about to start now. You must be going to start shopping or will go for one.

Fresher or already a senior, doesn’t matter. You need some quirky outfit ideas for this monsoon. You cant let rain takeover your fashion day out. And moreover, you don’t want water to ruin your outfit at all.

Lets get started-


Heavy rain showers today? You cant decide what to wear. Don’t worry now. You can pair a denim or normal shirt like in the picture with an easy-to-going shorts. You can wear loafers or sandals in footwear,whatever you wish. Take your bag along with an umbrella in it. Its your choice to add a statement headband.


I recommend to not wear so heavy clothes in rainy season. You don’t want trouble in getting dry again. Opt for sleeveless airy tops like this with a comfortable jeans. Sandals work very well in monsoon. You don’t want to deal with soaked up shoes whole day.


Agrhh, no jeans today. Do you feel this sometimes in morning? Opt for a dress with white sneakers. You can add any denim shirt with it and you are ready! Make sure your white sneakers don’t get dirty outside.


Personally, i loved this one. This edgy long skirt will go perfect on any rainy day. A monochrome shirt with it and don’t forget your strappy sandals. A sling bag for a statement and an umbrella to make a day perfect!


Jumpsuit, if you don’t have one, you must own one like this in your wardrobe. You don’t have to take stress about splashy mud you can get anytime anywhere. A strappy sandal with some cute accessories and bingo! Rock the world!


Okay, so if you are one of those who don’t like the idea of wearing skirts everyday. This look can be awesome for you. A sleeveless tee with a shirt wrapped around the waist( if you feel chilly immediately you can wear it) and denim shorts with any sandals of your choice.



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