Gold Sandals- How to pair them up perfectly!


Personally, I totally get conscious about gold colour while selecting flats.

Gold can rock or can completely go wrong if styled wrong. I was looking for some footwear from online seasonal sale! Then i got to see these amazing flats with cheap price. I immediately ordered them up. I was little bit worried about shoe size, quality and will they suit  me?

As soon as my order came. I rushed to my bedroom to try them up. When I opened the package. I was happy. Sandals seemed nice. I tried them and they looked amazing.

This is what they look like.


This pair is size EUR 41. I thought of doing a post on how you can carry your gold sandals in your #ootd.

So, lets get started-

  1. Pair them up with any Indian outfit- If you have a pretty pair of kurta with trousers or palazzo. Then team it up with your gold sandals. It will compliment your outfit totally and it will not look over the top.
  2. Party- If your not a heel-to-feels person. You always crave for flats all the time. Purchase a nice comfy pair of gold footwear. You will be amazed how well it will go with your party dress always.
  3. Casual outfits- This is understandable right. Pick any tshirt and jeans and put these kind of sandals and you are good to go for whole day.
  4. Do you own a cold shoulder dress or top? Just stop. Next time you decide of wearing your off-shoulder dress or top. Don’t forget to wear your gold sandals with it. You wont believe how many compliments you will get.
  5. Shorts? Its a yes! They can look good even if your wearing shorts. Go for it.

So, they look amazing with every thing. You should own one and add it in your wardrobe.

From where i got mine?

Visit this link-

Price- INR 799/-

Don’t forget to share your outfit idea about gold sandals in the comments below!


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