Hello lovely ladies. I hope you all are doing good. This time I have come up with some personally tried hair growth tips. We all love long hair, isn’t?

Generally, we look at so many tips online daily about growing hair. But, some of them are out of the question. We cannot try all of them. Same happened with me. But as I explored many tips , I found some of them working for me. And I want to share them with you.

Growing hair is neither an easy task, nor it happens in some days. It takes a lot of patience and tricks to make hair healthy enough to grow fast.

So, lets start with some easy breezy tips that you can do at home easily.

  1. Mustard Oil- 

    Mustard oil have been used in cooking for many decades. But do you know, it works very well for hair as well. It doesn’t smell nice but look at its benefit. Do you have dry, brittle and damage hair? Start applying mustard oil right now. If your case is severe, leave the oil overnight before washing. Soon you will find your hair smooth and your hair texture will improve too. When your hair will be healthy, they will grow fast.

  2. Vitamin E capsule- 

    Vitamin E capsules are savior. They are beneficial for not only hair but also for skin,nail and general health. Take Vit E capsule and open it. Pour all the oil from it into any hair oil which you like. Vitamin E will improve your hair health and they will grow fast.

  3. Use Wide Tooth Comb-

    Always use wide tooth comb while combing hair. Especially, when they are wet. Wet hair tend to break more easily and damage too. So, love your hair and they will love you back.


     Switch to Herbal Shampoo-


    Normal shampoo contains so many harmful chemicals. They add a little in damaging your hair and you dont want that, right? So, switch to any good herbal shampoo. And you will start seeing the difference soon.


    Massage your hair daily for some minutes- 


    Massage, add this in your daily routine. Place your fingers like given in the picture and massage gently for 2-3 minutes. This will improve the blood circulation in your scalp and will improve hair growth.

  6. Egg-coconut oil mask- 

    Hair always need some pampering. Take an egg and 1-2 tablespoon of cococut oil together and blend to make a paste. Apply it on your hair and leave for atleast 45 minutes and wash off with shampoo. This mask will provide good amount of protein in your hair and coconut oil will also help to grow hair longer and thicker. The vitamins and essential fatty acids present in oil will helps to nourish the scalp.

    (P.S. These are my personally tried tips, I don’t advertise anything)


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