6 Amazing Shopping Tips to apply in life always

Hello girls, Sorry for being lost for quite some time. I was busy with so many things lately.

This time I thought to write about a topic which can help you out next time you go shopping. 

Source- Pinterest

We all love shopping, right? I love to shop whenever I get a chance. But sometimes,we have to look at our budget so that we do not spend over much. I feel this too. But, with some super easy tips (if you apply them ) your shopping spree can be happy happy like always. 

1. Make a list of things you want. 

Try this next time. Are you one of those who want to try every trend? Don’t worry, make a list of those things. Don’t go n buy them all together. But buy them one by one giving some break in between. I’ll talk about it in point down below.

2. Check out every possible store or online stores to see who is giving the best deal for the things you are craving for. Yes! That always works for me. 

3. Before buying anything up, imagine how will you pair it up and with how many things. Purchase such item which you can pair up with many things. This will save your penny and will give you variety as well. 

4. Give yourself a break in shopping- By this I mean is to buy your dream things one by one. Your pocket will not get any holes n you can have whatever you want. Start by things you need the most followed by things which can wait for now. I always follow this strategy and I m always able to buy my favourite things. *Happy*

5. Bargain wherever possible! No, I m not talking about doing this in malls. But in such market where it is possible. Like Lajpat Nagar’s Central Market, Sarojini Nagar Market or Janpat,etc. Who knows you can get that fab dress for just 200 bucks or even less!

6. Wait for Sales. Those seasonal sales can prove to be good sometimes. But there is one rule.Try to shop on very first day as the best material always get sold firstly. If you want to wait for the last day to go and look for things. You will end up getting the leftovers, which certainly you don’t want. 

Source- Pinterest

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