How to clean ‘White Shoes’ and maintain them- DIY

Owning white shoes can be a task.They look seriously very pretty but they can get dirty very soon and cleaning them becomes mandatory.


But how will you feel when I tell you that cleaning them is really easy. Yes, You heard me right. I will show you how to do it with just three basic ingredients shown in picture down below.


  1. Detergent
  2. A Clean Toothbrush
  3. Small bowl of water
  4. A small tub of lukewarm water for last dip (For Canvas Shoes only)
  5. A clean damp cloth (For sneakers)


Get your dirty shoes with toothbrush and a small bowl filled with water and little amount of detergent.


First of all, Take out the laces out of your shoes to wash them separately. I will tell about it later.

Brush off the dirt from shoes with dry toothbrush first. Now, Dip the toothbrush in bowl of detergent and start rubbing it on shoes gently. You will notice that the dirt will start dissolving meaning you are doing a good job. Repeat it on entire shoe. If the inner rim of shoe is dirty, repeat the same by taking them out or inside only. If you have sneakers, I recommend to take them out and rub the toothbrush filled with detergent and dip into clean water for once and let the dry separately.

Now, you are done with both shoes, soak up your shoes (when they are canvas) into lukewarm water for fifteen minutes to let all the dirt out. Take them out and let them dry in sunlight. But make sure they are not kept outside for whole day as it can attract dirt again.

For sneakers, as you are done with rubbing the shoes with toothbrush. Take the damp cloth and gently clean the shoes with it making sure all the dirt is gone. If they are little wet, keep them aside to let dry.

Take a small spoon of Ezee (solution for cleaning sweater) into a bowl of water and put your laces into it for half an hour. This will retain their form making them soft and clean. Take them out and let them dry in sunlight as well.




The shoes will be white like a pearl again. Try this method out and let me know if it worked for you.


  1. Take some Beeswax and rub it on entire shoes. Now, take a blow drier and blow it for some minutes on the shoes. It will make the shoes water proof and you don’t have to worry about pouring anything on them.
  2. Don’t wash your shoes in washing machine. This can damage the quality of shoes.
  3. Clean your shoes in every two weeks to keep them white forever.

Good luck!


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