Top 5 Travel Essentials for easy-breezy vacations

Travelling is fun, isn’t? But being a girl, it is impossible to keep your whole closet along with you. Being stylish while travelling is quite difficult.

Source- Pinterest


But, today I will tell you about 5 travel essentials you can keep in your baggage so that nobody can stop you next time from staying stylish and organised.

  1. A comfortable sneaker– Keep your best sneakers with you so that you can pair them up with so many things. Be it with jeans, shorts, a casual dress or with joggers. They are super comfortable and can help you so much in exploring the city without any hassle.

  2. Sunglasses– Fight the sunny day with stylish sunglasses. Wear them and go outside in the sun and have fun.

  3. Jeans– Keep your best jeans that is comfortable and trendy. Wear that every time with different tops, sweaters or shirts. This will help you to minimize the things in bag.

  4. Fill up your makeup pouch with these things– Sunscreen, Bb cream, Lip balm, Kajal and Blush. These things are easy to apply. You can be beautiful and look like a diva daily.

  5. A shirt– With a comfortable shirt, you can try 2-3 looks easily on your vacation. Pair up that shirt with a jean, skirt, shorts or leggings. Wear it up like a crop top and pair with high waist jeans or palazzo and you are good to go.



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