Glamorize your wardrobe with T-Shirt Dress and Mobile Cases with BEWAKOOF

T-Shirt Dress are so comfortable and adds a chic touch to the whole outfit. And when I say, you can also achieve the perfect look with T-Shirt Dress whether it is for college or casual day out, classy semi-formal look or for your Friday night party, you must be thinking how is it possible.

BEWAKOOF gives you wide variety of chic and rocking T-Shirt Dress along with many amazing Mobile Cases.


Here I present you 3 different ways to style T-Shirt Dress for different occasions.

  1. Casual look- When you need to head out for college, girls day out or of-course for a lunch with your besties, you can style T-Shirt Dress with a classy sneakers and a go to shirt. Dont forget about that bag that will keep your essentials safe.




2. All Classy Semi-formal Look- Fall has arrived and if you are thinking how to wear T-Shirt Dress in these chilly evening, wait I’ve got you a hack. Style that T-Shirt Dress with a cardigan and you are perfect to go.





I have taken this amazing T-Shirt Dress and styled with grey cardigan, white shoes, bucket bag and a multi-layered necklace.

3. Go to party diva look-img_4562-01



I added some fun element with a pretty red clutch,  a pretty gold handcuff and colored choker, I chose to wear boots to give it a fall-season element.

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Top 5 Travel Essentials for easy-breezy vacations

Travelling is fun, isn’t? But being a girl, it is impossible to keep your whole closet along with you. Being stylish while travelling is quite difficult.

Source- Pinterest


But, today I will tell you about 5 travel essentials you can keep in your baggage so that nobody can stop you next time from staying stylish and organised.

  1. A comfortable sneaker– Keep your best sneakers with you so that you can pair them up with so many things. Be it with jeans, shorts, a casual dress or with joggers. They are super comfortable and can help you so much in exploring the city without any hassle.

  2. Sunglasses– Fight the sunny day with stylish sunglasses. Wear them and go outside in the sun and have fun.

  3. Jeans– Keep your best jeans that is comfortable and trendy. Wear that every time with different tops, sweaters or shirts. This will help you to minimize the things in bag.

  4. Fill up your makeup pouch with these things– Sunscreen, Bb cream, Lip balm, Kajal and Blush. These things are easy to apply. You can be beautiful and look like a diva daily.

  5. A shirt– With a comfortable shirt, you can try 2-3 looks easily on your vacation. Pair up that shirt with a jean, skirt, shorts or leggings. Wear it up like a crop top and pair with high waist jeans or palazzo and you are good to go.


6 Amazing Shopping Tips to apply in life always

Hello girls, Sorry for being lost for quite some time. I was busy with so many things lately.

This time I thought to write about a topic which can help you out next time you go shopping. 

Source- Pinterest

We all love shopping, right? I love to shop whenever I get a chance. But sometimes,we have to look at our budget so that we do not spend over much. I feel this too. But, with some super easy tips (if you apply them ) your shopping spree can be happy happy like always. 

1. Make a list of things you want. 

Try this next time. Are you one of those who want to try every trend? Don’t worry, make a list of those things. Don’t go n buy them all together. But buy them one by one giving some break in between. I’ll talk about it in point down below.

2. Check out every possible store or online stores to see who is giving the best deal for the things you are craving for. Yes! That always works for me. 

3. Before buying anything up, imagine how will you pair it up and with how many things. Purchase such item which you can pair up with many things. This will save your penny and will give you variety as well. 

4. Give yourself a break in shopping- By this I mean is to buy your dream things one by one. Your pocket will not get any holes n you can have whatever you want. Start by things you need the most followed by things which can wait for now. I always follow this strategy and I m always able to buy my favourite things. *Happy*

5. Bargain wherever possible! No, I m not talking about doing this in malls. But in such market where it is possible. Like Lajpat Nagar’s Central Market, Sarojini Nagar Market or Janpat,etc. Who knows you can get that fab dress for just 200 bucks or even less!

6. Wait for Sales. Those seasonal sales can prove to be good sometimes. But there is one rule.Try to shop on very first day as the best material always get sold firstly. If you want to wait for the last day to go and look for things. You will end up getting the leftovers, which certainly you don’t want. 

Source- Pinterest

Gold Sandals- How to pair them up perfectly!


Personally, I totally get conscious about gold colour while selecting flats.

Gold can rock or can completely go wrong if styled wrong. I was looking for some footwear from online seasonal sale! Then i got to see these amazing flats with cheap price. I immediately ordered them up. I was little bit worried about shoe size, quality and will they suit  me?

As soon as my order came. I rushed to my bedroom to try them up. When I opened the package. I was happy. Sandals seemed nice. I tried them and they looked amazing.

This is what they look like.


This pair is size EUR 41. I thought of doing a post on how you can carry your gold sandals in your #ootd.

So, lets get started-

  1. Pair them up with any Indian outfit- If you have a pretty pair of kurta with trousers or palazzo. Then team it up with your gold sandals. It will compliment your outfit totally and it will not look over the top.
  2. Party- If your not a heel-to-feels person. You always crave for flats all the time. Purchase a nice comfy pair of gold footwear. You will be amazed how well it will go with your party dress always.
  3. Casual outfits- This is understandable right. Pick any tshirt and jeans and put these kind of sandals and you are good to go for whole day.
  4. Do you own a cold shoulder dress or top? Just stop. Next time you decide of wearing your off-shoulder dress or top. Don’t forget to wear your gold sandals with it. You wont believe how many compliments you will get.
  5. Shorts? Its a yes! They can look good even if your wearing shorts. Go for it.

So, they look amazing with every thing. You should own one and add it in your wardrobe.

From where i got mine?

Visit this link-

Price- INR 799/-

Don’t forget to share your outfit idea about gold sandals in the comments below!


Monsoon has finally arrived in India and I m so excited about the rain showers and chilly winds. Surely, no one can deny loving hot and steamy pakoras.  But girls, college are so about to start now. You must be going to start shopping or will go for one.

Fresher or already a senior, doesn’t matter. You need some quirky outfit ideas for this monsoon. You cant let rain takeover your fashion day out. And moreover, you don’t want water to ruin your outfit at all.

Lets get started-


Heavy rain showers today? You cant decide what to wear. Don’t worry now. You can pair a denim or normal shirt like in the picture with an easy-to-going shorts. You can wear loafers or sandals in footwear,whatever you wish. Take your bag along with an umbrella in it. Its your choice to add a statement headband.


I recommend to not wear so heavy clothes in rainy season. You don’t want trouble in getting dry again. Opt for sleeveless airy tops like this with a comfortable jeans. Sandals work very well in monsoon. You don’t want to deal with soaked up shoes whole day.


Agrhh, no jeans today. Do you feel this sometimes in morning? Opt for a dress with white sneakers. You can add any denim shirt with it and you are ready! Make sure your white sneakers don’t get dirty outside.


Personally, i loved this one. This edgy long skirt will go perfect on any rainy day. A monochrome shirt with it and don’t forget your strappy sandals. A sling bag for a statement and an umbrella to make a day perfect!


Jumpsuit, if you don’t have one, you must own one like this in your wardrobe. You don’t have to take stress about splashy mud you can get anytime anywhere. A strappy sandal with some cute accessories and bingo! Rock the world!


Okay, so if you are one of those who don’t like the idea of wearing skirts everyday. This look can be awesome for you. A sleeveless tee with a shirt wrapped around the waist( if you feel chilly immediately you can wear it) and denim shorts with any sandals of your choice.



Summers are finally on the verge. The hot-hot steamy sun force us to stay at home. But these summers really push you back to stay stylish? I guess no.

These Summers have come up with some awesome easy-breezy fashion trends. The so-in fashion trends are so easy to follow and of course they all come under budget.

Let’s get started-

off shoulder top

Off-shoulder tops are so in this season. They are very breezy, so summer sweat will not upset you. They enhances your shoulder’s beauty. Pair them up with your fav pair of high waist jeans or shorts. A FAB MUST-HAVE this season.



These platform sandals looks so edgy on the feet. Totally comfortable and you can pair them up with like anything. Say it with jeans, shorts or summer flowy dress. Totally your choice.


multi-layered necklace

Do you sometimes feel incomplete yet you are wearing your best outfit? I say then, own a multi-layered neck piece. They are your saviour. Those beautiful piece of jewellery add statement to your outfit. Team it up with any plain tee or a cute shirt or a dress.



Want to beat the Monday blues? Feeling too lazy to dress up after yesterday night’s late party? Then Shirts come to your rescue. Own a over sized shirt and team it up with your comfy jeggings or jeans or of-course shorts. and hola! you are good to go.


white sneakers

White sneakers are so in this season. They are so comfy, looks always good with everything, like everything! You can wear them daily. Wear them with your favorite jeans, your favorite off-shoulder dress or shorts.



Who doesn’t love jeggings? They are every girl’s love. Of course they are comfortable and you can spend your entire life wearing them.



Don’t you own any plain tee with a cute little pocket? I love them. They are on the list of my must-haves. Whenever, I don’t have time to decide what to wear. i always choose them. Please own it once in your life.



Ethnic wear are always my favorite. Being an Indian, who doesn’t love them. right?  Wear a long kurta with a pair of palazzo pants and team them up with kohlapuri chappals. 






Tattoo is an art. It represents YOU. However, getting inked is a big decision. You must consider pros and cons before getting inked. Every person has their own unique personality. I love tattoos. They tell you how you feel about life.

I wanted to share my personal favorite cute tattoo ideas for you girls which won’t harm you at all. And i am sure everybody would love them!


Birds flying….. it represents sense of freedom. And this behind ear one is totally coolistic thingy.


Another birds tattoo on wrist. If you love tattoos which are on wrist, then you should go for it.


This cute little tattoo saying BELIEVE …… i HEART this.


Tattoos on collarbone are so in now a days. They look so vibrant and cute. This one is amazing. If you are someone who feels free and loves to be independent. Then what are you thinking of? Rush to tattoo parlour soon!


FREEDOM with half M flying as a bird. This wrist tattoo is my recommendation for wrist tattoo lovers.


Do you love word tattoo? Want something different other than quotes? Go for it!


A travel freak? WANDERLUST is your word!


Strength! For fighting with every problems and to handle every situation. YOU ARE PERFECT! Remember this…. YOU CAN CONQUER THIS WORLD.


One Word- Perfect! these cute little stars on ring finger is what a diva can desire for…



Hair Care 101: What to do when you have damaged locks!

Hola ladies! I hope everything’s going good and it’s glad to see that many of you are liking my posts, and it totally inspires me to write more. Well girls, I know all of you just love your hair. And really can’t compromise on that. It’s really very sensitive topic when you are tired of doing so many remedies and you still have damaged locks and don’t know what to do. Well, my today’s topic is all about how you can take care of your hair at home and don’t need to spend lots of money on your hair.

  1. Don’t wash your hair every day. It strips your natural oil that helps your hair to grow. Moreover, it makes your hair rough. So try to avoid washing your hair every day and make a habit of at least giving a day or two to make your hair relax.
  2. Use sulphate free shampoo. They totally damage your hair. Opt for shampoo that are sulphate free and see the magic!
  3. Do hot oil treatment once a week. Well you can also do it more than once a week, and there’s no harm. It deeply conditions your hair and nourish them so that they can grow longer. Coconut oil, almond oil, castor oil, olive oil and many more! Use any one which suits your hair and wait patiently to see the work it does to your hair.
  4. Personally I had damaged hair, once my hair dresser asked me to try this new remedy which totally worked for me. Mustard oil is thing which I am talking about. It has gross smell but it is really good for hair. It is used as a vegetable oil for cooking but I personally searched about it and got to know the benefits of it. I apply it 3 times a week in my hair for overnight mixing it with little amount of lemon juice and castor oil and wash it off the next day. It has made my hair softer and more lustrous over the time.
  5. Go for regular trims after every 6-8 weeks. I know how difficult it is to go to your hair dresser for a trim when you trying harder to grow your hair but trust me trim only ¼ to ½ inches, so that your damaged dead ends are cut and they will prevent spilt ends too!
  6. Always apply hair mask after every two weeks. You can try homemade hair mask which will add benefits to your hair and will not be very costly.
  7. Don’t comb your hair for like 100 times a day. It will only damage your scalp leading to damage hair.
  8. Wait patiently to let grow your hair, it will not happen overnight but it will take some time to achieve your desired length.
  9. You can also go to your nearest hair salon to get a HAIR SPA monthly. It will help repair your damaged locks leaving them shiny and softer.
  10. Last but not the least, massage your scalp daily for about 2 minutes to improve blood circulation in your scalp. Trust me it will add to more good healthy hair.


Girls! you all can agree on one thing that no matter what, at every occasion we all want to look different and stylish. Each one of us have our own different perspective of being Fashionable. Following some great fashion bloggers gives us a great idea to dress and impress. Similarly, when it comes to our Wardrobe we never get tired of adding some new clothes and accessories and the list goes on.

There are some clothing and accessories must haves which you can add and completely change your look. I being a Gemini, I m a different personality every day and hence i love to experiment with my own style, I don’t own a single faced style.

I have compiled some things for you all which a girl must have in their wardrobe and yeah you can totally trust on them. So let’s get started –

1. Basic White Tshirt



I love White T shirts, you can pair it with almost everything and you are good to go. Pair it with a blue denim jeans or a ripped shorts or an overall or yeah for a classy look add a pastel colour blazer with it and you can look ravishing. You can also pair them with Long skirts and you have your Indo-Western look.

2. White Shirt



You can ever go wrong with White Shirt. Feeling lazy? Yet want to look amazing today at your work?

Pair white shirt tucked in with a denim jeans or with you comfy pants and add some statement accessories and a cute pair of shoes and you are good to go.

3. Denim Jeans

Who doesn’t have their favorite denim in their closet? And a Denim Jeans is an essential part of our closet just like heart in our body! The Universal cloth according to me and through which you can change your look completely. Whether it is a crop top or a simple tee or Shirt,a cute sweater etc. It fits with all and it can make you look drop dead gorgeous.


4. Boyfriend Jeans



Miley Cyrus looking so sexy and stylish in this pair of her Boyfriend jeans. Firstly, they are super comfy and they gives you a edgy look as well. Little ripped makes it looks more stylish. You must own a Boyfriend jeans so that you can totally go different and experiment your look. Plus you can pair it with anything you want, a white t shirt or a white shirt half tucked in or anything you feel good in.

5. Black Dress



Ahh! a Black dress is a Must have for you all. Whether a Party or a Dinner date with your spouse. it can totally save you when you are confused about what to wear. Pair it with right accessories and you can make your Best friend Jealous.

6. Basic Blazer



Adding a blazer to your outfit can make you look classy, sexy, elegant in many ways. It helps you in making a Semi formal outfit if you want to go hangout with your buddies and want to attend a meeting at the same day.

7. Statement Watch

I love Watches. It is a compulsory add on to complete your look.



8. Statement Jewellery



A Neck-piece , Ring , Bracelets or Earrings, styled in a proper way can add gems to your look. So next time, you thinking to totally glam your look, consider it and see the results.

9. Good pair of Heels



Having a good pair of heels is a must. Not only it adds lil height but it also makes you look independent and sexy.

So people, here are my views on Wardrobe Must haves. Do share your views on it and thumps up if you like it!

– Vaishnavi Tyagi